SEASIAN 129 Mainland Southeast Asian Literature

SEASIAN 148 Philippines: History, Literature, Performance

SSEASN 120  Topics (if topic is appropriate to the study of literature)

SASIAN 124  Modern Indian Literature

SEASIAN 128  Introduction to Modern Indonesian and Malaysian Literature in Translation

SEASIAN 130  Articulations of the Female in Indonesia

SEASIAN 138 Southeast Asian Cultures, Texts, and Politics

SASIAN 140 Hindu Mythology

SASIAN 142  India’s Great Epics: The Mahabharata and the Ramayana

SEASIAN C164  The Indonesian Connection: Dutch Literature about the Indies in English Translation

Religion & History

SEASIAN 148 Philippines: History, Literature, Performance

SEASIAN 160 Philippine Cultural Politics

BUDDSTD C52 / SSEASN 50 Introduction to the Study of Buddhism*

SASIAN C114  Tibetan Buddhism

SSEASN 120  Topics (if topic is appropriate to the study of religion and/or history)

SASIAN 127  Religion in Early India

SSEASN C135  Tantric Traditions of Asia

SASIAN 140  Hindu Mythology

SASIAN 144  Islam in South Asia

SSEASN C128  Buddhism in Contemporary Society

SASIAN 146  Mughal India

SASIAN 147  Pakistan

SASIAN 148  Religious Nationalism in South Asia

SASIAN C154  Death, Dreams, and Visions in Tibetan Buddhism

These lists are partial; additional courses not found here may be included upon petition to the Faculty Undergraduate Student Advisor. Introduction to Buddhism C52, Religious Studies 90, and any 200-level course (with permission of the instructor) offered in the Department may count as an upper-division course toward the major or minor. Courses based in other departments, but cross-listed with SSEAS, may count toward the major and the minor. The specific course titles appearing on these lists may vary. Address any questions to the Undergraduate Advisor.

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