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We offer training in 14 languages, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the histories, religions, cultures and textual traditions of a third of the world’s population. Our faculty specializes in all periods from the classical to the modern, in the fields of literature, history, and religious studies, and conducts research in India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Department Statement on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

We in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies join Chancellor Christ and our colleagues in Asian American and Asian Studies in condemning the shocking attacks on Asian and Asian American/Pacific Islanders.  We deplore the rising tide of anti-Asian hate crime and the rhetoric and performance of white-supremacy, racism, and misogyny in which it is rooted   that dehumanizes Asian and Asian/Pacific Islanders and particularly women.

We condemn the recent targeted killings of Asian and Asian American women in the 17 March mass shootings in Atlanta, Georgia.  We share in the sorrow of the families and communities of the victims.

We urge all in our community to join us in our stand to combat the rising trend of abuse, violence, discrimination against, and exclusion of the Asian and Asian/ Pacific Islander population on our campus, in our community, and in the nation.

We honor the contributions that Asians and Asian Americans have made in countless professions, including in public health, as frontline workers who risk their lives to help all members of our community, and who continue to contribute their expertise, their care, their labor, and even their own safety to protect our community and to ensure food security in this ruthless pandemic.

We call on all members of our campus community to recognize and validate these contributions, and to embrace and provide space for the diversity of cultures and heritages of Asian and Asian American/Pacific Islanders on this campus and beyond.

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Recent News

Professor Emerita Joanna G. Williams 1939-2022

Professor Emerita Joanna G. Williams, distinguished scholar of South and Southeast Asian art, passed away at her home in Berkeley on June 16, 2022, at the age of eighty-four. She was one of the foremostscholars of South and Southeast Asian art and architecture and,indeed, one of the…

Luis González-Reimann 1948–2022

It was with great shock and sadness that we members of the SSEAS family learned of the sudden and unexpected loss of our former Ph.D. student and cherished colleague Dr. Luis González-Reimann, who passed away as a result of a heart attack while on a…

Lecturer Pool – Bengali, Sanskrit Languages

The Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, invites application of a pool of qualified temporary non-tenure track lecturer positions to teach language courses in Bengali and Sanskrit Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, should the need arise. Courses may…

Completed PhDs

Shawn Callanan, 2021

Halting Progress: the Meanings of Kemadjoean in Adinegoro’s Asmara Djaja

Ryan Damron, 2021

Deyadharma — A Gift of the Dharma: The Life and Works of Vanaratna

Padma Maitland, 2021

The Great Wander: Buddhism, Travel, and the Hindi World

Sean Kerr, 2021

The Literary Abhidhamma Text: Anuruddha’s Manual of Defining Mind and Matter (Namarupapariccheda) and the Production of Pali Commentarial Literature in South India

Megan Hewitt, 2021

Ilmu Lan Laku: The Arts of Praxis in Indonesian Transformative Movements


Lisa Brooks, 2021

Translating Touch in Ayurveda: Medicine Sense and Subjectivity in Early South Asia and Contemporary Kerala

Kat Gutierrez
The Region of Imperial Strategy: Regino Garcia, Sebastián Vidal, Mary Clemens and the Consolidation International Botany in the Philippines, 1858-1936

Yusmarni Djalius
Minangkabau Intellectuals and Radical Nationalism in British Malaya

Rebecca Whitington
Tug-of-ear: The Play of Dialect in Modern Bengali and Tamil Literature

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