The Minor in South and Southeast Asian Studies allows interested students to acquire a solid introduction to the region's culture and traditions.


One course (letter-graded) selected from among the following gateway courses: South Asia 100A (Ancient South Asia), South Asia 100B (Medieval-Modern South Asia), Southeast Asia 101A (Mainland Southeast Asia), or Southeast Asia 101B (Insular Southeast Asia).

Five additional letter-graded courses, totaling 20 units, with a minimum 2.0 GPA. All courses with a 100 or higher designation count as upper-division. For a sample of some courses offered, see Upper Division.

Note that these can only include:

  • one course with South and/or Southeast Asia content from outside the department
  • two upper-division South and/or Southeast Asia language courses

Courses offered by other departments cross-listed with SSEAS count as SSEAS department courses for the minor. Non-cross-listed courses (but with substantial South and/or Southeast Asia content) offered by other departments may count toward the minor following a petition to the Faculty Undergraduate Student Advisor and the Chair of the department.

How to Declare the Minor