Congratulations to Joi Barrios-LeBlanc!

We are thrilled to announce that Joi Barrios-LeBlanc has been duly recognized with the "Extraordinary Teaching in Extraordinary Times" award. The Awards Committee received more than 500 nominations. This is a tribute to the spirit of this campus, to be sure. But most of all, it is a tribute to Joi.

Please join us in congratulating her!

Here is the link to the Awards page, as well as the description of the nature of Joi's extraordinary contribution:

Maria Josephine Barrios-Leblanc: South and Southeast Asian Studies

Dr. Barrios-Leblanc has demonstrated teaching excellence through: 1) the quick transformation of classes, using previously prepared online materials in all language levels; 2) assistance to other instructors on online strategies; 3) new materials development, compiled in Tagalog Stories for Language Learners, 2021); 4) the development of a virtual study abroad program (Manila); 5) new courses (Philippine Film and Filipino Cuisine Narratives); 6) student production of a Filipino language online journal; 7) the rethinking of student assessment; 8) leadership in "Filipinx community wellness check-ins"; 9) public lectures online; and 10) creative work -- songs on the pandemic, now taught in universities.

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