Thai 100A: Intermediate Thai

Category: Languages
Course #: 33642
Units: 5
Times and Locations:

M 5-7PM, WF 5-6:30PM


THIS COURSE IS BEING TAUGHT REMOTELY IN FALL 2021 Intermediate Thai 100A continues to integrate cultural awareness into language education. In Fall 2021, we will emphasize the shift from the concrete to the abstract in Thai language and culture. Students will continue learning how to read and write complex sentences through formal and informal essays along with stories and discussions. We will also use authentic and contemporary materials such as Thai commercials, songs, and movies including modern media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube to enhance aural comprehension. A virtual activity will showcase Thailand’s traditional Loy Kratong festival: students will participate in a cultural holiday. To promote conversation, students will engage in remote conversational practice with assigned partners from Thailand every other week. Using Thai as the language of instruction will gradually increase student’s understanding by up to 80% towards the end of the semester.  Pandemic health mandates permitting, one or more in person field trips to the Thai Berkeley Temple is envisaged, to increase immersion in Thai language and culture through various activities such as ordering food, community conversation, and cultural lessons with monks and traditional Thai music instruments.


Nuchinun Kluaythong