Thai 1B: Introductory Thai

Category: Languages
Course #: 33191
Units: 5
Times and Locations:

MTTh 5-6:30, Online

Continuing from the fundamental knowledge of syllable construction learned in Introductory Thai 1A, this course is designed to rapidly elevate student's literacy.  By the end of the course, students should be reading and writing short descriptive and narrative paragraphs and stories.  Students continue to learn new vocabulary, grammar and practical thematic conversation with the opportunity to practice with native speakers. Students will also be introduced to Thai customs and values through a variety of media, cultural activities, and live/virtual field trip opportunities.  Thai is used as the language of instruction 30 % - 40 % of the time. PREREQUISITE: Introductory Thai 1A or equivalent. Ability to carry out basic conversation; to conduct self introduction and discuss family, ethnicity, physical features, living arrangements, food, and tastes; Know numbers, the whole alphabet, and basic spelling rules; Able to read and write simple words at a rudimentary level' *A prerequisite test is held a week before the class starts (during class time)


Nartnatda (Dao) Hope