South and Southeast Asian 39 Sec. 4: Society in the Mirror of Indian Film

Category: Freshman and Sophomore Seminars
Course #: 17043
Units: 2
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Tu 2-4

Dwinelle B33B

This seminar will focus on problems and dilemmas of contemporary society as they transpire in recent Indian films and TV shows. TV shows will be of special interest to us as a medium that often escapes scholarly attention due to its perceived low content quality and artistic value. However, crime shows, soap operas or sitcoms can serve as valuable sources of information, as they either inadvertently show societal norms, stereotypes, and normative behavior without any restraints, or intentionally openly depict current ideological conflicts and burning social issues. The choice of films will to a certain extent depend on the interest of the participants. Prior knowledge of Indian languages is not required. English translation will be available for all the films. Course requirements: participation in class discussions, weekly watching and readings, and a final essay.