South Asian 100B Introduction to Medieval and Modern South Asia

Category: South Asian
Course #: 33171
Units: 4
Times and Locations:

TTh 3:30-5, 9 Lewis

Section 101 (33173): W 10-11, 258 Dwinelle

Section 102 (33174): W 1-2, 259 Dwinelle

This course is a survey of South Asia from the 10th century to the present. Close attention will be paid to the geography and ethnography of the region, its political and economic history, the religious, philosophical, literary, and artistic movements that have shaped it and contributed to its development as a unique, diverse, and fascinating civilization. Students will study the broad patterns of historical change in South Asia from the 10th century to the present, the major cultural shifts and religious formations that have shaped South Asia over the past thousand-plus years, discuss cultural texts that reflect the history of South Asia and explain South Asia’s shifting relations with the world over the longue duree.


Jvala Singh