Filipino Nationalism

Category: Graduate Seminars
Course #: SSEASIAN 250 [CNN #31860]
Units: 4
Times and Locations:

Th 4-7pm, DWIN 109

This graduate seminar is a survey of historical work on Philippine nationalism from the nineteenth century until the present. It covers the rise of liberal creole movements in the early nineteenth century, Jose Rizal and the ilustrados of the late nineteenth century, the Philippine revolution of 1896, American-era “Filipinism,” postwar liberal state-formation, Moro separatism, debates on “the Chinese question,” competing visions of socialist and authoritarian nationalism during the Marcos period, and contemporary populism under Rodrigo Durerte, among others. Beyond examining key periods in the development of Philippine nationalism, this course also surveys the shifting concerns and debates in Philippine historiography and Philippine studies more broadly.