Khmer 101A: Advanced Khmer

Category: Languages
Course #: 23164
Units: 3
Times and Locations:

TuTh 12:30-2 pm

This class is for students who are already familiar with the basics of written Khmer, and can express themselves in informal and some formal spoken Khmer. Students should be able to write basic narratives about their lives and describe various aspects of Khmer culture, and have previous basic knowledge of topics such as Khmer Buddhism, folk tales, news media, history, and at least some exposure to modern Khmer literature. In this class, we will study several epic Khmer folk tales in-depth, and read several short stories, discussing (and writing about) how this literature relates to modern social and cultural issues in Cambodia. Students not sure if they meet the prerequisites for the class should contact the instructor. Class participation makes up the majority of the grade for this class. Students are expected to attend all classes (2 days per week) and come prepared to participate in each class.


Frank Smith