Filipino 100A: Intermediate Filipino

Category: Languages
Units: 5
Times and Locations:

[CCN #21628] TTh 12:30-2 pm DWIN89, F 12-2 pm, DWIN258

[CCN #21629] TTh 11 AM-12:30 pm EVAN39, F 10 am-12 pm DWIN89

[CCN #31079] MW 5-6:30 pm VLSB2032, F 4-6 pm DWIN189



This is an intermediate class with emphasis on the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course uses the functional-situational approach in learning a language.The students will learn four necessary skills in the effective use of Filipino: paglalahad (defining and explaining); paglalarawan (describing a person, place, or feelings); pagsasalaysay (narrating a story); and pangangatwiran (arguing). The vocabulary of the student is expanded through sample dialogues and short essays. Each lesson shall have several components: reading a text to increase vocabulary and study grammatical structures; engaging in role-play; listening and writing a short dialogue (eight lines) or a short paragraph (four to five sentences). Other classroom techniques are games, songs, and pair work.