Burmese (Introductory) 1A-B

Category: Languages
Course #: BURMESE 1A, 1B (Fall, Spring)
The first semester (1A) focuses primarily on Colloquial (or Spoken) Burmese, with some excursions into the Literary Style, usually reserved for written communication. Students learn to speak in simulated conversations: as a shopkeeper in Bogyoke Market, a pilgrim on the way to Shwe Dagon, or a diner in a Mandalay restaurant.Students will study fragments of poetry, passages from short stories, song lyrics, and political cartoons, and attempt to compose their own poems, prose, song titles, and song lyrics. The second semester (1B) further develops student proficiency in reading and writing Burmese script, and in holding conversation. Instruction includes foundational vocabulary, grammar, spoken and aural comprehension, and basic proficiency in written expression.


Kenneth Wong