South Asian C113: Buddhist Thought in India

Category: South Asian
Course #: 33384
Units: 4
Times and Locations:

TTh 11-12:30

102 Wurster

Section 101 (33385): W 11-12, 258 Dwinelle

Section 102 (33386): W 1-2, 182 Dwinelle

This course is an advanced introduction to the major teachings of Indian Buddhism and their philosophical elaborations. We will cover the core tenets attributed to the Buddha, and the later doctrinal and scholastic developments that turned Buddhism into one of the principal philosophical traditions of India. For this we will read select primary sources—in principle, extracts of the scriptures and later treatises—and academic articles and book chapters. Rather than offering a broad introductory survey of Buddhist traditions across space and time, this class is geared towards students who are already familiar with the basics of Buddhism and want to deepen their understanding of the principal teachings of Buddhism originating in India.
Also listed as: BUDDSTD C113


Alexander von Rospatt