South and Southeast Asian 250 Sec 1: Islam in South Asia, 700-1750

Category: Graduate Seminars
Course #: 24938
Units: 4
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W 4-7pm

225 Dwinelle

"Drawing on a broad cross-section of theoretical and methodological perspectives this graduate seminar will interrogate key historiographical debates that have shaped our understanding of the Muslim experience in S. Asia between 700 and 1750 AD. We will begin by engaging Shahab Ahmed’s “What is Islam?” and Richard Eaton’s “India in the Persianate Age”, before moving onto works by Finbarr Flood (“Objects of Translation”), Emma Flatt (“The Courts of the Deccan Sultanate”), Mana Kia (“Persianate Selves”), Shankar Nair (“Translating Wisdom”), Richard Eaton and Philip Wagoner (“Power, Memory, Architecture”), Sebastian Prange (“Monsoon Islam”), Scott Kugle (“Hajj to the Heart”), Nandini Chatterjee (“Negotiating Mughal Law”) and Abhishek Kaicker ("King and the People")"