Summer 2019

Begins on: 
May 28, 2019

Intermediate Filipino

MTWThF 11:00A-12:59P
Aban, Cynthia Agnes C

The goal of this course is to enable students to increase their proficiency in Filipino to at least the intermediate-high level of the national ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. While speaking and listening comprehension will be stressed, training in reading and writing Filipino will be an integral part of instruction. Films and video/audio materials will supplement written texts.

8 week session - 6/24/2019 to 8/16/2019


Discussion Section

Section: 101

CCN: 15527

Days and time: MTThF 13:00A-14:59P

Room: DWIN104

R5A - Great Books of India - CANCELLED

MTWThF 11:00A-12:59P
Whittington, Rebecca Diane

This course offers a broad historical, political, ethnographical and and cultural survey of the civilizations of the Indian subcontinent from the earliest period known to archaeology to the advent of Islam as a major cultural and political force around the 13th century CE. Lectures, readings, and class discussions will center on seminal texts that have influenced South Asian civilizations from the earliest antiquity to the late medieval period. This course is open to all interested students and is required for those majoring or minoring in South Asian Studies.

First 6 week session - Runs 5/28/2019 to 7/5/2019

Hindu Mythology

MTW 17:00P-18:59P & Th 17:00P-17:59P
Gonzalez-Reimann, Luis A

In this course we will study literary and religious aspects of Hindu myths. Through the reading of primary sources in translation, the course covers the main divinities and many mythological themes of early Vedic as well as later Puranic literature. We will follow the development of mythology from the Rg Veda to the epics—The Mahabharata and the Ramayana—and up to the classical mythology of the Sanskrit Puranas.

Second 6 week session - Runs 7/8/2019 to 8/16/2019

Philippines: History, Literature, Performance

MWF 16:30P-18:59P
Barrios-Leblanc, Maria

The course focuses on Philippine history through literature and performance.  Among the texts to be discussed are: traditional forms (rituals, poetry, songs, dances) that give insights to belief systems and economic, political, and social life during the indigenous or precolonial period; performance and literary forms that were instruments both of colonial conquest and anti-colonial movements; and theater and literature that participated in discourse on agrarian issues, labor, martial law and militarism, gender rights, academic freedom, and human rights.

First 6 week session - Runs 5/28/2019 to 7/5/2019

Filipino Mythology

MWF 16:00P-17:59P
Aban, Cynthia Agnes C & Llagas, Karen

An introduction to the mythologies of the Phillipines, providing a comparative overview of key myths. We will focus on indigenous narrative traditions encompassing myths of creation and origin, agricultural and maritime myths and practices, the founding of kingdoms, and indigenous geographies. We will further explore the role of myth in the contemporary world.

Second 6 week session - Runs 7/8/2019 to 8/16/2019

Study Abroad: Philippines: Narratives of Tradition and Resistance

Manila, Phillipines
Barrios-Leblanc, Maria

The course brings students on a research trip to the Philippines to learn through interviews and interactions with Filipino people, selected lectures by the Philippines’ leading scholars and interactive activities with the Philippines’ artists and writers.

This is a course offered in Manila, Philippines through Berkeley Study Abroad.

For more information, please visit their website:

Runs 5/27/2019 to 6/29/2019

Philippine Cultural Politics

MWF 14:00P-16:29P
Barrios-Leblanc, Maria

Can a song inspire a revolution? The course focuses on literary, visual, and performance texts that participated in political discourses in the Philippines. What strategies did the writers and artists employ? How did writers and artists face issues of censorship and persecution?  How did social movements influence these texts, and in turn, how did these texts contribute to these social movements?

First 6 week session - Runs 5/28/2019 to 7/5/2019

The History and Literature of Revolution in the Philippines - CANCELLED

MWF 10:00A-11:59A
Scalice, Joseph Paul

This course will explore revolution -- both the idea and the event -- as it played out over the course of nineteenth and twentieth Philippine history, and the ways in which it shaped Philippine literature. We will examine the fraught questions of historiography, of the reliability of our sources, and of reading the established historical record "against the grain." 

Our course texts will include scholarly monographs, novels, short stories, political manifestos and tracts, and poetry. Through these works we will examine questions of nationalism, populism, international and regional relations, and the explosive class tensions that marked the last two centuries of Philippine politics, from Spanish colonialism to the Duterte government.

First 6 week session - Runs 5/28/2019 to 7/5/2019

Dept/Crssort icon Sec Title Instructor Days/Times Location CCN
FILIPN 100AB 001 Intermediate Filipino Aban, Cynthia Agnes C MTWThF 11:00A-12:59P DWIN104 14479
SASIAN R5A 001 R5A - Great Books of India - CANCELLED Whittington, Rebecca Diane MTWThF 11:00A-12:59P DWIN247 15528
SASIAN 140 001 Hindu Mythology Gonzalez-Reimann, Luis A MTW 17:00P-18:59P & Th 17:00P-17:59P DWIN206 13996
SEASIAN 148 001 Philippines: History, Literature, Performance Barrios-Leblanc, Maria MWF 16:30P-18:59P DWIN219 15529
SEASIAN 152 001 Filipino Mythology
Aban, Cynthia Agnes C & Llagas, Karen
Llagas, Karen
MWF 16:00P-17:59P BARR118 15971
SEASIAN 154 001 Study Abroad: Philippines: Narratives of Tradition and Resistance Barrios-Leblanc, Maria Manila, Phillipines 15860
SEASIAN 160 001 Philippine Cultural Politics Barrios-Leblanc, Maria MWF 14:00P-16:29P MOFF103 15530
SSEASN 120 002 The History and Literature of Revolution in the Philippines - CANCELLED Scalice, Joseph Paul MWF 10:00A-11:59A DWIN215 15531