Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies

Mount Merapi and a Minangkabau longhouse (photo by Edy Utama)
Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal (photo by Ryan Damron)
UC Students at Yamonotri, India (photo by Sally Goldman)
Commencement 2012 (photo by Wilis Ekowati)
Cyclos in Vietnam (photo by Bac Hoai Tran)
Adat procession in Solok (photo by Edy Utama)
monks in Nepal (photo by Alexander von Rospatt)
Yamunadevi Festival (photo by Sally Goldman)
dawn on the Ganges, Varanasi (photo by Sandeep Ray)
fishing village, Buton (photo by Ayi Bunyamin)

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Upcoming Events

Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka - The Labor Behind the Global Garments and Textiles Industries: A book talk by Sanchita Saxena - Oct 30 2014
Cultural Re-imaginations - Experiments in Creative Placemaking: A talk by Indrani Baruah - Nov 4 2014
The Dharma of Difference - Alterity and Alcohol in Jharkhand, India: Talk by Medical Anthropologist, Roger Begrich - Nov 6 2014
Family Routes: Transnational Adoption and the Production of Nationhood - Nov 6 2014