Southeast Asian 190: Love Craft: Epic Romance of Southeast Asia

This course offers an advanced introduction to the literary history, cultural norms, poetic forms and textual traditions of 17th to 19th century Southeast Asia through a comparative study of three epic poems: Tum Teav (Cambodia), Khun Chang Khun Phaen (Thailand), and Tale of Kieu (Vietnam).... Read More

South Asian 131: Introduction to Contemporary Tamil Literature

Offered completely in English translation, this course aims to introduce modern literatures in the Tamil language written in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia and other Tamil diasporic spaces. During the course, students will encounter a wide variety of literary aesthetic practices that shape contemporary... Read More

South Asian 122 Sec. 2: The Novel in India

Lecture and discussion on the novel as it arose on the Indian subcontinent during the 19th and 20th centuries, using English translations and original works in English. Critical discussion of the novel as a modern genre adapted to local conditions and coexisting with older traditions... Read More

South and Southeast Asian Studies 250 Sec. 1: Buddhism and Modernity in Theravada Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka

Once dismissed as the “lesser vehicle”, Theravada Buddhism is a dynamic field of belief and practice whose responses to modernity have included moral reform, textual purification, anti-colonial protest, passive disobedience, meditation movements, and militant nationalism. In the past two decades, methodological innovations and theoretical interventions... Read More