Vietnamese 101B: Advanced Vietnamese

This course is designed for students who have already achieved an intermediate degree of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing modern Vietnamese. Objective: to move students toward a greater level of fluency in each of these key areas and provide an introduction to the literature... Read More

Vietnamese 100B: Intermediate Vietnamese

A second-year course in Vietnamese vocabulary and syntax with intensive drills on short colloquial expressions and auditory recognition of speech patterns. First semester course stresses phraseology, sentence building, rules of composition and development of students' communicative skills. By the end of the second semester students... Read More

Vietnamese 1B: Introductory Vietnamese

An introduction to modern spoken and written Vietnamese, including intensive drill on basic phonology and grammar. The first semester emphasizes phonetic concepts, syllable formations and tonal distinctions along with simple sentence structures in everyday topics. By the end of the second semester, students should be... Read More

Urdu 100B: Intermediate Urdu

Introduces various types of written and spoken Urdu; vocabulary building, idioms, and problems of syntax; and conversation. Reading of selected fiction and nonfiction in modern Urdu, including fables, short stories, and poetry. Exercises in grammar, conversation, and composition. Read More

Urdu 1B: Introductory Urdu

The course concentrates on developing skills in reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension. Evaluation is based on attendance, written homework assignments, quizzes, dictations, and examinations. Conventional teaching materials may be supplemented by popular songs and clips from contemporary Indian cinema. Read More

Thai 101B: Advanced Thai

Thai 101B is a sixth-semester Thai course, taught through teleconferencing  from University of Wisconsin, Madison. The course is designed to enhance the students’ competence in reading and writing Thai.  The students will be reading texts from The Thai Cultural Reader, newspapers, news from internet, selected... Read More

Thai 1B: Introductory Thai

This course is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of the Thai language. The focus of Thai 1A is to build vocabulary and develop the ability to speak with correct pronunciation through basic conversation in day-to-day settings. Students will be introduced to... Read More

Telugu 1B: Elementary Telugu

This elementary level course focuses on progressive acquisition of language skills to communicate effectively in Telugu. It facilitates development of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing competence along with basic grammar. Read More

Tamil 1B: Introductory Tamil

This introductory level course focuses on progressive acquisition of language skills to communicate effectively in both written and spoken Tamil. It facilitates development of listening, speaking, reading and writing competence along with basic grammar. Read More

Sanskrit 100B: Elementary Sanskrit

Sanskrit 100A, followed by 100B, introduces students to Sanskrit grammar, with the goal of developing the skills necessary to speak and read basic, simple Sanskrit texts. Sanskrit 100A covers lessons 1–12 of the Devavāṇīpraveśikā [Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman, 2019], including, the... Read More