Khmer 101A: Advanced Khmer

This class is for students who are already familiar with the basics of written Khmer, and can express themselves in informal and some formal spoken Khmer. Students should be able to write basic narratives about their lives and describe various aspects of Khmer culture, and... Read More

Introduction to Contemporary Tamil Literature

This course aims to introduce modern literatures in the Tamil language written in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia and other Tamil diasporic spaces. During the course, students will encounter a wide variety of literary aesthetic practices that shape contemporary Tamil literary histories and their... Read More

Sanskrit 100A: Elementary Sanskrit

Sanskrit 100A, followed by 100B, introduces students to Sanskrit grammar, with the goal of developing the skills necessary to speak and read basic, simple Sanskrit texts. Sanskrit 100A covers lessons 1–12 of the Devavāṇīpraveśikā [Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman, 2019], including, the... Read More

Khmer 100A: Intermediate Khmer

This class is for students who can already speak and understand "survival" or "home Khmer." No previous knowledge of written Khmer is required for the course. Students will learn the basics of reading and writing as well as formal speaking. Topics covered include folk tales,... Read More

Khmer 1A: Introductory Khmer

This class is for students with no previous speaking ability in Khmer, and is the first part of a two-semester sequence, along with Khmer 1B. Students will learn "survival" speaking, reading, and writing skills in Khmer, and also become familiar with and learn how to... Read More

Indonesian 100A Section 1: Intermediate Indonesian

This course provides readings in Indonesian textbooks, newspapers, journals, and literature. This class provides students with the skills needed to use Indonesian adequately in familiar situations and to communicate general messages. Students will be expected to be more skilled to speak Indonesian with sufficient structural... Read More

Indonesian 1A: Introductory Indonesian

Indonesian 1A introduces students to elementary Indonesian conversation and develops reading and writing commensurate with the students’ abilities. This class provides  students with the skills to express words and phrases such as greeting people, leave taking, talking about oneself or family, indicating time, asking and... Read More

Hindi 101A: Readings in Modern Hindi

This course is designed for students who have already acquired upper-intermediate or higher level of Hindi. Its objective is to move students toward a greater level of proficiency in all language skills and introduce them to a variety of contemporary literary genres. Weekly readings, class... Read More