Lisa Brooks

Lisa Allette Brooks is a Ph.D. candidate in South and Southeast Asian Studies with Designated Emphases in Science and Technology Studies and in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Her dissertation examines touch, gendered knowledges and embodiment, and interspecies sensing, in early South Asian Ayurvedic treatises and contemporary Ayurveda in Kerala. Lisa’s research interests include the history and anthropology of South Asian medicines (focusing on Ayurveda); sensory studies; feminist and decolonial science and technology studies; contemporary transnational and Kerala-based Ayurveda; religion and healing; gender, sexuality, and the body; interspecies medicine; histories of bloodletting, surgery, and leech therapy; Sanskrit and Malayalam. She was a Fulbright Hays DDRA Fellow during two years of field research in India from 2015-2017.