Thai 101A: Advanced Thai

Category: Languages
Course #: 25699
Units: 3
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TuTh 11am-12:30pm


Course Focus: Contemporary Thai Politics THIS COURSE IS BEING TAUGHT REMOTELY IN FALL 2021 Instructor: Thiti Jamkajornkeiat, GSI
Thai 101A Fall 2021 is designed to prepare students for research in or on Thailand by developing advanced reading comprehension and competency in oral and written expression in contemporary Thai.  Our goal is to equip Cal students, whether undergraduate or graduate, to undertake original research. Our focus for Thai 101A Fall 2021 is Thai texts that enrich and complicate our understanding of the contemporary Thai political crisis set off by the 2014 military coup d’etat. The recent 2020-21 wave of Thai protests have drawn attention to multiple sectors and issues, including the lese majeste law, political refugee, welfare state, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental crime. We will approach these intersecting dimensions through multiple source materials, including Thai language opinion pieces, legal codes, visual arts, music, film, photography, cartoons, meme, short story, poetry, performance art, demonstration, and exhibitions. A series of in-class and online discussion and composition exercises will deepen student comprehension and analysis of these critical events, while developing skills in oral and written Thai expression. Assessment will be based on oral and written exercises, translation quizzes, active participation, and a final oral and written research project presentation. Requirements: Intermediate Thai proficiency, through completion of Thai 100A and 100B at Berkeley or equivalent language training. Thai 101A fulfils the International Breadth Requirement.