COURSE CANCELED South Asian R5B: Detectives in India

Category: Reading and Composition
Course #: 13354
Units: 4
Times and Locations:

Session A: May 23-July 1

MTuWTh 4:30-7 pm

134 Dwinelle

The detective is a curious character in Indian literature. It is an evolving part of the culture in many parts of India and also evolved to be a unique brand in itself. In this course, we will take a sneak peek into this oeuvre of literature and cinema. Our aim is to see what is unique ‘Indian’ about these detectives and how they are set apart from detectives in other parts of the world. We will also try to analyse the reasons for the genre’s ever-growing popularity and its cultural positioning in modern India. We will look at literature but also cinema, both the 'classics' but also the more modern takes in the genre.