South and Southeast Asian Studies 250 Section 1: Seminar

Category: Graduate Seminars
Course #: 26332
Units: 1
Times and Locations:

M 2-5, 279 Dwinelle

This multi-disciplinary graduate seminar introduces key sources and scholarship on Chinese interactions with, Chinese migrations to, and Chinese influences in, Southeast Asia. Module One: Early Encounters explores China’s early relations with Southeast Asia, Chinese historiography on Funan, Zhenla and Angkor, and critiques some assumptions in the Hinduization model. Module Two: Sino-Vietnamese Interventions, Panthay Rebellions and Burmese Migrations explores military interventions and cultural, linguistic and literary influences in Vietnam from the 15th – 19th centuries, and the late 19th century Panthay Rebellion in Yunnan and Panthay migration to Burma. Module Three: Communities and Societies considers the methodology and impact of three landmark studies in sociology and anthropology. Module Four: New Approaches considers recent interventions in the study of Chinese culture, religion, identity and society in modern Southeast Asia.


Penny Edwards