Filipino 1B Section 1: Introductory Filipino

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M-F 11-12, 81 Evans

Filipino 1B. Introductory Filipino. Five hours a Week. Prerequisites -1A or consent of instructor. Do you know the words nanay (mother), sinigang (sour soup), and kawawa (poor you)? You may be a heritage learner, or a person who has a proficiency in or a cultural connection to the language. Or, you may be a second-language learner interested in Filipino language and culture. Filipino 1B is the second semester in the Introductory Filipino two-semester series (Filipino 1A and 1B). This is a beginners’ class with emphasis on the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The course uses the functional approach in learning a language. At the end of the series, students should be able to use Filipino in greetings and situations such as visiting a friend’s house, shopping, telling the time, making an appointment, asking and giving directions, and going to a medical clinic. They should also be able to use Filipino in: describing people, objects, and places; narrating an event or simple story; expressing feelings; and expressing agreement or disagreement.