Southeast Asian 190: Love Craft: Epic Romance of Southeast Asia

This course offers an advanced introduction to the literary history, cultural norms, poetic forms and textual traditions of 17th to 19th century Southeast Asia through a comparative study of three epic poems: Tum Teav (Cambodia), Khun Chang Khun Phaen (Thailand), and Tale of Kieu (Vietnam).... Read More

Southeast Asian 175: Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia

This seminar will explore the cultural, economic, social, political and religious history of th​e Chinese diaspora in 19​ to 21​ century Southeast Asia. Our focus is the shifting contexts of migration, representation and strategies of cultural identification/survival. We will explore colonial and nationalist projects, both... Read More

Southeast Asian 170: Narratives of Vietnam and Vietnamese Diaspora

Together we will read and view a variety of stories—told primarily in the form of prose fiction, poetry, essays, films and other visual art—by Vietnamese and overseas Vietnamese writers and artists who explore the consequences of colonialism, war, migration and resettlement for individuals, families and... Read More

Southeast Asian 160: Philippine Cultural Politics

Can a song inspire a revolution? The course focuses on literary, visual, and performance texts that participated in political discourses in the Philippines. What strategies did the writers and artists employ? How did writers and artists face issues of censorship and persecution? How did social... Read More

Southeast Asian 154: Philippines: Narratives of Tradition and Resistance

Virtual Study Abroad: The course brings students on a research trip to the Philippines to learn through interviews and interactions with Filipino people, selected lectures by the Philippines’ leading scholars and interactive activities with the Philippines’ artists and writers. Read More