South Asian C113: Buddhist Thought in India

This course is an advanced introduction to the major teachings of Indian Buddhism and their philosophical elaborations. We will cover the core tenets attributed to the Buddha, and the later doctrinal and scholastic developments that turned Buddhism into one of the principal philosophical traditions of... Read More

South Asian 124: Modern Indian Literature

This course aims to introduce the vernacular and the Anglophone literary landscapes of South Asia by providing an overview of the role and growth of modern literatures in India. This course examines the different socio-cultural, political and historical contexts in the production and reception of... Read More

South Asian 142: India’s Great Epics

The course entails substantial selected readings from the great Sanskirt epic poems--the Mahabharata and the Ramayana in translation, selected readings from the corpus of secondary literature on Indian epic studies as well as lectures on salient issues in both. Readings will be supplemented with selected... Read More

South Asian 131: Introduction to Contemporary Tamil Literature

Offered completely in English translation, this course aims to introduce modern literatures in the Tamil language written in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia and other Tamil diasporic spaces. During the course, students will encounter a wide variety of literary aesthetic practices that shape contemporary... Read More

South Asian 1A: Introduction to the Civilization of Early India

This course offers a broad historical, political, ethnographical and and cultural survey of the civilizations of the Indian subcontinent from the earliest period known to archaeology to the advent of Islam as a major cultural and political force around the 13th century CE. Lectures, readings,... Read More