Sanskrit 200B: Sanskrit Literature

Advanced readings in Sanskrit texts of various genres, including Sanskrit ornate poetry with emphasis on the canons of poetic analysis of the Indian aesthetic tradition. The course is designed for advanced Sanskrit students at the graduate level and focuses on readings in various critical genres... Read More

Indonesian 210B: Seminar in Malay Letters and Oral Traditions

Various aspects of Malay language and literature, history and development of the language, classical literature, drama, oral literature, modern literature of Indonesia and Malaysia, and dialect studies. Applies various theoretical approaches to the study of the language and literature. Read More

South and Southeast Asian 250 Sec 3: Nationalism in Southeast Asia

This graduate seminar examines the emergence and rearticulations of nationalisms in Southeast Asia. It begins with the anti-colonial nationalisms of the late nineteenth/early twentieth century and ends with the various contested nationalisms of the present. We will cover a mix of canonical and new books... Read More

South and Southeast Asian 250 Sec 1: Chinese Interactions with Early to Modern Southeast Asia

This multi-disciplinary graduate seminar introduces key sources and scholarship on Chinese interactions with, Chinese migrations to, and Chinese influences in, Southeast Asia. Module One: Early Encounters (Weeks 1-3) explores China’s early relations with Southeast Asia, Chinese historiography on Funan, Zhenla and Angkor, and critiques some... Read More