Freshman/Sophomore Seminar – Filipino Spirituality

Have you ever wondered why the homes of Filipino families in the United States display religious statues or celebrate Christmas and Lent in a different way from other Christians? Have you read Filipino poems, stories, songs, and festivals that focus or mention Babaylan spritual leaders,... Read More

Southeast Asian Performing Arts

The course focuses on Southeast Asian Performance, specifically Indonesian dances, and Philippine theater and music.  Discussions shall be guided by the following questions:  How have geography, religion, social structures, customs, and beliefs shaped indigenous performing art forms?  How are performing traditions revitalized in contemporary times?... Read More

Southeast Asian Film

In this seminar we will examine contemporary Southeast Asian society and culture through the lens of contemporary Southeast Asian films from two countries -- Vietnam and the Philippines.  In discussions about the films in class we will seek to understand how these films mirror modern... Read More

Contentious Politics and Southeast Asian Literature

This course looks into the dynamics of literature and politics in Vietnam and the Philippines by asking the following questions:  How have writers articulated their beliefs on colonialism, human rights, gender and class through poetry and fiction? When does ideology inform literary techniques?  How can... Read More

Exploring the Short Story in the Philippines and Indonesia

In both the Philippines and Indonesia, the short story is an important vehicle for artistic, emotional and socio-political expression and experimentation. This seminar will introduce students to some of the major contemporary themes, including romance, resistance, gender, and the challenges of modernization and the new... Read More