Language Proficiency Exams

The department offers two types of language exams: placement and proficiency.  Placement exams are for those students who plan to enroll in one of our language courses.  Proficiency exams are for students who wish to waive a college or major foreign language requirement without taking a course.  Both kinds of exams are offered only at the very beginning of each fall and spring semester. 

Placement exams:  Please contact the instructor of the course you believe may be the most appropriate for your level to learn how to schedule a placement exam.

Proficiency exams:  Proficiency exams are offered once every semester.  There are no make-up tests given.  These tests are for those who are seeking to have their foreign language requirement waived.  Our proficiency tests are for admitted UCB students only. We do not offer proficiency tests for UCB applicants or non-UCB students.  Please contact a lecturer in the relevant language for how to add yourself to the schedule. 

HINDI EXAMS: Thursday September 12th, 2019 from 6 to 9 p.m. in Dwinelle B-37

For information, please contact Nora Melnikova at noram [at] berkeley [dot] edu