Graduate Students

This is not a comprehensive directory — inclusion is voluntary. If you are a DSSEAS graduate student and would like to be listed, or have your listing updated, please e-mail the department chair.

Sonal Acharya

South Asia, Theatre and Performance Studies, Melodrama, Film and Media Studies

sonalacharya [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Hannah Archambault

Early modern South Asia; frontiers; state systems and sovereignty; kinship, friendship and patronage networks; 17th and 18th century Deccan and Karnatak history; Indo-Afghan identity; Persian and Urdu.

h [dot] archambault [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Lisa Brooks

Sanskrit, Ayurveda, critical theories of gender, sexuality, race and subjectivity, history of medicine and science, STS, sensory history

labrooks [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Katherine (Katie) Bruhn

Indonesian modern and contemporary art; creative industries & creative economy; social practice in art; cultural policy; Southeast Asian studies

katiebruhn [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Ruprekha Chowdhury

Hindi, Urdu

Ryan Damron

Buddhist and Hindu Tantra; antinomian forms of religiosity; Sanskrit, Tibetan, Apabhramsa and Bengali literary traditions

rdamron [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Huma Dar

South Asian literature and cinema; critical theories of race, gender and sexuality; subaltern histories, post-colonialism, and visuality; transnational feminisms; cultural studies; critical theory; Muslim femininities and masculinities; Islamophobia, racialization, and war

Projecting Desires, Screening Muslims: The Racialized Politics and Poetics of Indian Cinematic Discourses
hdar [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Yusmarni Djalius

Southeast Asian Studies; intellectual and cultural history; Indonesia; Indonesia-US relations; Islam; Minangkabau

djalius [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Wilis Rengganiasih Endah Ekowati

Contemporary Buddhism in Indonesia, Women in Buddhism

wilisrengganiasih [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Nicole Ferreira
Medieval South Asian history; Turkic and Afghan migrations; frontiers and borders; the fifteenth century; Indo-Afghan identity and ethnogenesis
Kashi Gomez

Sanskrit literature and literary theory; kāvya and satire; historiography; early medieval South Asia; geographies of Kashmir.

kashi [dot] gomez [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Greg Goulding
Works on 20th Century Hindi and Marathi Literature and criticism, international Left movements, modernism.
Kathleen Gutierrez
History of Philippine botany; botanical texts; comparative Spanish and U.S. colonialisms; Spanish and Tagalog languages; Southeast Asian Studies; Atlantic science
Megan Hewitt
Cultural Movements of Indonesia, Alternative Educational Communities in Central Java, Critical Pedagogies, Indonesian Literary History, Arts and Activism, Agrarian Transformation.
Rachael Hyland
Modern Hindi and Bengali literature, Gender Studies, Hindi and Bengali Cinema, Feminist Theory, Hindu Goddesses, Translation
Thiti Jamkajornkeiat

Comparative Southeast Asian Studies (Modern Indonesia and Thailand); Intellectual History, Literary Culture, and Cultural Politics of Modern Indonesia (particularly between 1950-1965); Third World Decolonization and Postcolonial Nation-Building; Modernity; Critiques of Eurocentrism; Question of Knowledge Production in the Global South

tj [dot] zedrick [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Sean Kerr
Pali Commentarial Literature; Narrative Literature in Sanskrit and Pali; Indian Buddhism; Medieval Pali Abhidhamma Manuals; Pali in South India.
skerr [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Priya Kothari
Sanskrit, Braj and Gujarati literature; early modern South Asia; bhakti traditions; religious communities; Puṣṭimārga and Vallabha samprādaya; commentary, hagiography and canon
Padma D. Maitland
Hindi travel literature; modern Buddhism in India; art and architecture; conservation and heritage; countercultural exchanges between India and California.
John Pickens

Sanskrit and Tibetan languages. Indian and Tibetan Buddhist ritual history, particularly the development of the tantric preliminary practices.

johnpickens [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Sohini Pillai
Vernacular tellings of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in premodern South Asia; Hindi (including Braj and Avadhi) and Tamil literature; the Sanskrit epics; comparative literature; bhakti; representations of South Asian literature in performance, television and film.
Kellie Powell
I hope to shed light on the development of tantra across South and Southeast Asia using a multidisciplinary approach. My research interests include: trade and the exchange of ideas, archaeology of religious sites, manuscript culture, development of new ritual technologies, and buddhist pilgrimage. I work in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Pāli.
Kristina (Krissy) Rogahn

Tamil poetry and poetics; South Indian literary cultures; Tamil, Telugu, and Sanskrit languages; literary history; canon formation; genre; translation.

kcrogahn [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Joseph Scalice

Southeast Asian Studies

Sophearith Siyonn

Southeast Asian Studies, Cambodia, Sanskrit

Yanrui Song

Malay/Indonesian literature, Southeast Asian history, Indonesian adat land law

Articulation of Land in Minahasa, North Sulawesi
syrleo [at] gmail [dot] com
Janet Um

Sanskrit literature; modes of narration in premodern South Asia

janetum [at] berkeley [dot] edu

Subjectivity, Gender and Sexuality, religion, aesthetics, performance, and literature and folklore in Indonesia

umarthamrin [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Rebecca Whittington

Bengali, Tamil, translation studies, comparative literature

rebeccadiane87 [at] gmail [dot] com
Kankan Xie

Left-wing intellectual networks in the late-colonial Malay World (currently Indonesia and Malaysia); Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia; Dutch colonial history; governance and rural development in contemporary Indonesia.

xiekankan [at] berkeley [dot] edu
Khenpo Yeshi
Tibetan Buddhism, Early Dzogchen development.