Supatra Chowchuvech


M.A. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Counseling Psychology), 2009
M.A. University of Pennsylvania (Cultural Anthropology), 1983
B. Arch Chulalongkorn University (Architecture), 1976

(510) 642-4180
Address & Office Hours: 

Fall 2017: Mon 6:30-7:30 pm, Fri 9:15-10:15am 351A Dwinelle Hall

Curriculum Vitae: 

Supatra Chowchuvech, M.A., has taught Thai language and culture at the
Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies since 2009. After
retiring from practice as a licensed architect in 2001, Ms. Chowchuvech
taught Thai language and culture at Buddhanusorn Thai temple school in
Fremont, California for 7 years. In 2003,she taught at the prestigious
Southeast Asian Summer Studies Institute (SEASSI) at the University of
Wisconsin. She also works as a certified interpreter in immigration
courts and other legal and social services. In 2004, Ms. Chowchuvech
co-authored a renowned bi-lingual book on the subject of cross-cultural
relationships (under the pen-name Vitida Vasant). The book, "Thailand
Fever", has been translated into three other European languages. In
2012, she translated "Tibet, My Story", a memoir of the sister of the
Dalai Lama, into the Thai language. Ms. Chowchuvech is particularly
interested in the issue of multi-culturalism particularly East-West
cultural interaction. Currently in her spare time,and in collaboration
with local non-profit organizations serving Asian immigrants, Ms.
Chowchuvech gives multi-cultural parenting workshops to new immigrants and
refugees from south and southeast Asia, and gives consultations to
inter-cultural couples in adjustment.