Aihwa Ong

Affiliated Professor

B.A. Barnard College, Anthropology (Honors), 1974
Ph.D. Columbia University (Anthropology), 1982

Aihwa Ong is Professor of Socio-cultural Anthropology, and a member of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, the Center for Chinese Studies, the Blum Program on Global Poverty & Practice, and the Global Metropolitan Studies program at Berkeley. Ong's research interrogates "the global" in Southeast and East Asia: i.e. how the interactions of capitalism, sovereignty, citizenship, cities, and biosciences shape emerging transpacific situations. She is the author of the classic Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline: Factory Women in Malaysia (1989; second ed. 2010); and award-winning Flexible Citizenship: the Cultural Logics of Transnationality (1999). Other selected books include Buddha is Hiding: refugees, citizenship, the new America (2003); Neoliberalism as Exception: mutations in citizenship and sovereignty (2006), and co-edited volumes Global Assemblages: technology, politics and ethics as anthropological problems (2005), and Privatizing China, Socialism from Afar (2008). New volumes include Asian Biotech: ethics and Communities of Fate (2010), and Worlding Cities: Asian experiments with the art of being global (co-editor, Ananya Roy; forthcoming). She is currently President-elect of the Society for East Asian Anthropology, and she serves as the chair of the US National Committee on Pacific Science Association. Ong has received book awards and a MacArthur grant, and her writings have been translated into German, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Chinese. See her profile in the Department of Anthropology.