Intermediate Filipino

Session A MTWThF 1-3:29P
Aban, Chat

Prerequisites:  Filipino 1AB or Filipino XY WBL or consent of instructor

Breadth Requirements:  Fulfills International Studies breadth requirements


This is the first part of the intermediate class series (Filipino 100 A and B) with emphasis on four basic skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The course uses the functional-situational approach in learning a language. 

The first part of the course involves a review of vocabulary and grammar points learned in Beginning Filipino through dialogues, listening, reading and writing exercises (Lessons 1-10 taken in Filipino 100A). Then, students learn four necessary skills in the effective use of Filipino:   paglalarawan (describing a person, place, or feelings);  pagsasalaysay (narrating a story or an incident); paglalahad (defining and explaining);and pangangatwiran (reasoning). The vocabulary of the student is expanded through sample dialogues and authentic texts.


Summer 2017