Introduction to Burmese

WTh 4:00-5:59P, F 4:00-4:59P
Wong, Kenneth

Focuses primarily on Colloquial (or Spoken) Burmese, with some excursions into the Literary Style, usually reserved for written communication.

Lessons include the following:

  • Pose and respond to Yes-No questions.
  • Pose and respond to Who, What, Where, When, Why questions.
  • Read and write words in the Ah, Ee, U (Oo), Ay, Ae, Aw diacritic families.
  • Read and write words in the Un, In, Oh diacritic families.
  • Read and write words in the Ut, It, Et diacritic families.

You'll learn to speak in simulated conversations, where you get to be a shopkeeper in Bogyoke Market, a pilgrim on the way to Shwe Dagon, and a diner in a Mandalay restaurant.

You'll learn to read by studying fragments of poetry, passages from short stories, song lyrics, and political cartoons.

You'll learn to write by attempting your own poems, prose, song titles, and song lyrics.

Fall 2019