Intermediate Hindi

Lec MTW 11:00-11:59A, Dis Th 11:00-11:59A
Lec 33181, Dis 33255
Melnikova, Nora

Prerequisites: 1A-1B or instructor's consent

Intermediate language course will focus on expanding all language skills (reading, writing, speaking), mastering grammar patterns and new vocabulary through authentic readings from classical and contemporary Hindi literature, epics, mythology and current events. This course acquaints students with representative readings from Hindi texts on pivotal cultural issues from a wide variety of sources, to enable them to acquire cultural competence in the language. Systematic training in advanced grammar and syntax, reinforced by exercises in composition, both oral and written will be integral part of the course. Special attention is given towards developing communication skills through audio/video, digital media and current events. Second year sequence requires completion of the first year course or consent of the instructor.

Fall 2019