Intermediate Filipino Online

MW 4:00-5:29P, F 4:00-5:59P
Llagas, Karen

Five hours of lecture per week online in synchronous time.

Prerequisites: Completion of Filipino or Tagalog 1A or 1B or one year of Tagalog instruction, or placement test.

This is an intermediate class. The students shall learn four skills in the use of Filipino: paglalahad (explaining); paglalarawan (description); pagsasalaysay (narrating a story); and pangangatwiran (argumentation). Vocabulary is expanded through dialogues and essays.  Each lesson shall have three components: reading to increase vocabulary and study grammatical structures; doing a role-play; and writing a dialogue or a paragraph. Other techniques are games, songs, and pair work. At the end of the course, the students should be able to talk about themselves, their families and communities; narrate events and stories, give instructions and explanations, and express opinions.

Fall 2019