THAI - Introductory Thai

MF 5-6:29P & W 5-6:59P
Chowchuvech, Supatra

This is an introductory course designed for students who have little or no knowledge of Thai language, either spoken or written. The emphasis of this course is on verbal skills and conversation. Students will be introduced to the language through conversation practice on common themes that they will likely encounter in everyday life, along with vocabulary and  grammar  around such themes. Phonetic transcription system will be relied on while students are being  introduced to the Thai alphabets and syllable construction rules. The class is enhanced with audio visual accompaniment, songs,  video, role play, occasional field trips. The material and class discussion is designed to expose students to the world of the Thais.

Heritage students who speak Thai well and are familiar with Thai alphabet must meet with instructor  for  evaluation for possible placement in Thai 1B, a beginner course, in the spring semester.


Fall 2018