SSEASN: Peaky Blinders Freshman Seminar

211 Dwinelle
Th 5:00-6:00P
Edwards, Penny

This new freshman seminar considers the epic gangster series, Peaky Blinders, as an exemplar of convention breaking and history making. Set in Birmingham, England, from 1919, Peaky Blinders demonstrates the power of story in its vivid depiction of the smoldering aftermath of a war that lingers long after Armistice day. Key topics include shell-shock (PTSD), Anglo Irish conflict, moralities, loyalties, vernaculars, Romany Gypsy, Chinese, Jewish, Italian, style/fashion, magic and beliefs, urban sub-cultures, oral history and organized crime.  

Class Prep includes Season One of Peaky Blinders, and additional set historical texts and multimedia materials. Weekly discussions will consider thematic threads, character development, plot lines, settings and script alongside history. Assessment/assignments will include  one oral presentation, one facilitation of a class discussion, one final in-class performance,  and short weekly posts.

Fall 2018