KHMER - Introductory Khmer

MTWThF 2-2:59P
Smith, Frank

Provides a command of the basic structures of standard spoken Cambodian and tools for reading and writing elementary texts. Through use of computer-based materials, a textbook, and communicative practice, students gain a foundation in "survival" spoken Khmer. This involves memorization of question and answer exchanges in Khmer which students are likely to encounter in modern Cambodia. Topics include greetings, speaking to teachers and elders and discussing language learning, talking about family and personal history, and food. Students learn the Khmer alphabet and important sight-words and to read and write simple sentences on everyday topics. Intended for non-native speakers of Khmer with no oral or aural comprehension in the language. Students will also learn important basic behaviors and courtesies necessary for smooth interaction in Khmer society and culture.

Fall 2018