FILIPINO - Introductory Filipino

MTWThF 11-11:59A
Aban, Cynthia

Students may not take language courses at a lower level than they have been assessed at, nor than the level of other courses in the same language that they have successfully completed previously.

The Filipino 1A Beginners’ class emphasizes the four basic skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  The course uses the functional approach in learning a language.

The students focus on basic conversational skills in Filipino.  At the end of the course, they should be able to use Filipino in introduction, greetings and situations such as shopping, telling the time, counting, going to the market; and asking and giving directions.  They should also be able to use Filipino in: describing people, objects, and places.

The teacher shall use Filipino and English with the aid of pictures and other teaching materials.  However, English may be used in explaining grammar rules and discussing Philippine culture.  Classroom techniques shall include games, songs, pair- work, role- plays and writing exercises.

Fall 2017