FILIPINO - Advanced Filipino Online

TTh 11-12:29P
Barrios-LeBlanc, Maria Joi

Two years of Filipino/Tagalog or consent of instructor. 

Why do you use a language? Would you like to read more Filipino academic or literary texts, watch a Filipino soap opera of film without subtitles, or perhaps be able to translate and interpret? In this class, we will learn more about the Filipino language and Philippine society through short articles, essays, and literary texts.  These texts, available only in Tagalog/Filipino,  will also provide us with an overview of Philippine history and society.  Moreover, we will be working with examples of the changing orthography of the Filipino language through texts that range from 19th-century Tagalog, 1950s Pilipino, and 1990s Filipino. Among our learning strategies are listening/watching authentic video/audio texts, and writing essays/creative work.

Fall 2017