KHMER - Intermediate

MTWTh 400-530P

This course is for students who can already speak Khmer at "survival level" or beyond, but who have little or no knowledge of the writing system. For nonnative speakers, a prerequisite of Khmer 1A-1B or its equivalent is required; for native speakers, exposure to and use of Khmer at home will likely be sufficient preparation to begin the course. Students will learn how to converse in formal, "educated" Khmer with educated Cambodians on a variety of topics, including religion, traditional culture, and news and advertising. Students will rapidly learn the Khmer writing system, and by the end of the course they will able to write basic texts and read authentic materials such as folk tales and simple newspaper articles in Khmer. Students will also learn to type in Khmer Unicode on the computer. Classes will included lectures on the writing system and grammar, task-based group activities, and assignments in which they must synthesize knowledge about Khmer culture and language and solve problems in both written and oral contexts.

Fall 2013